Welcome. This is the evolving iteration of “In the Bag”. Your comments are appreciated as several more edits will take place before it is finalised.


In the bag is a Design Against Crime (DAC) research resource to help designers to get smart quick about pick-pocketing, bag theft and loss of personal products. It visually animates statistical and criminological data and combines it with contextual information directly relevant to design.


It also offers a thoroughly referenced research resource for those who want to address the subject at an academic level.


Designing out crime poses many challenges for the design profession. Its clear from escalating crime figures that designers need to be far more creative than criminals. The design dilemma is to design objects, environments and services that address both users and abusers, without making them look criminal. The leap from understanding criminological theory using our visual translations of it to create sexy design practice is made easier than ever before.


In the bag aims to inspire designers with the right information so they can make a difference. The resource includes new design work catalysed from research information and a range of takeaway DAC briefs aimed at challenging designers everywhere to ‘have a go’.