TARGET REMOVAL takes the target away from the crime situation, beyond the offender’s sight or reach.

For example removing from view satellite navigation systems, mobile phones or money from cars; or leaving valuables in hotel safes when strolling around Las Ramblas in Barcelona, a well-known haunt of pickpockets and bag snatchers. Extending this concept leads to abolition of the target. This may inspire designers to create wearable storage in clothing to remove the opportunity for thieves to snatch bags.




Evolution Jacket


A recent example is the Evolution Jacket, aka The Spy Jacket, designed for federal law enforcement agents: it has 40 pockets – most of them hidden – and hidden conduits in the lining which allow you to thread and organize wires to keep them from tangling. So you can easily keep your mobile, your keys, your iPod (and anything else you want) safe and hidden from thieves because all your essentials are on your person. The problem of remembering which pocket you have put which item in however remains to be solved.