TARGET CONCEALMENT involves hiding an object in some kind of container or enclosure, or behind a barrier; or alternatively, disguising it to look like something less valuable than it really is.


For example replacing a jewellery box self-evidently worth taking or opening, with an ordinary tin which can be camouflaged alongside other containers in the cupboard; or disguising your lap top carrier as a pizza box. Fashion designs which limit or abolish secure pocket space are arguably complicit in crime, forcing people to carry separate bags which are both visible and fairly easily removable / pickable without close contact.




Human Beans


The PowerPizza is a foam-lined authentic Italian pizza box created by Human Beans specifically for transporting your precious laptop in. When secured, your laptop is prevented from movement and the box can be held at any angle. There’s also room for power adapters and accessories.


Designing secure objects can be playful, and sometimes the answer is right under your nose. Disguising your laptop with a PowerPizza will reduce the risk of getting it nicked. However, if every laptop user buys one the thieves will soon cotton on, so realising the disguise principle via a range of alternative designs will be important.