REDUCING ANONYMITY will put unwanted attention upon the criminal.


Criminals are less likely to offend if they believe that they will be noticed, caught or identified later.




Karrysafe Screamer Bag
Adam Thorpe and Joe Hunter


Karrysafe is a dip-, grab-, lift- and slash-safe range of bags and accessories, designed to counter those four most common bag theft techniques. The designers behind Karrysafe are Adam Thorpe and Joe Hunter of Vexed Generation in collaboration with Prof. Lorraine Gamman (DAC Research Centre at CSM).


What makes their bags considerably safer than standard ones are built-in features like the Screamer. This anti attack alarm for laptop bags, starts screaming if the bag is taken by force. Another characteristic is the Scroll Top, a ‘sound’ security for the largest Karrysafe bags available. This consists of a Velcro seal you hear when it’s being opened.