EXTENDING GUARDIANSHIP Guardians are a familiar crime preventer role centred on looking after the target of crime (as opposed to ‘place managers’).


The role, which relates closely to surveillance, can be played by people protecting their own property, by employees keeping an eye open as part of their job, or by professionals such as security staff. Guardians can be increased in number such as taking on more security staff or encouraging more ‘legitimate’ people to use a particular place where the property is stored, sited or carried. Those who are already there can be empowered by technology, such as electronic fobs which protest when bags are removed from the proximity of the owner, or by simple mechanical aids like the Grippa clip.




Grippa Clips
Design Against Crime Research Centre


The Design Against Crime Research Centre created new bag-holding anti-theft table clips, with original pilot funding from AHRC, and fitted the latest design in the Shakespeare’s Head, Holborn (courtesy of J.D. Wetherspoon) in a pilot scheme. The aim is to discover, in working with customers, the most user-friendly and effective ways of securing customers’ property. The clips help protect the customers’ belongings by extending their personal space and keeping bags anchored and in view as opposed to being neglected on the floor. A formal trial and evaluation of improved designs is under way in conjunction with the UCL Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science.