An officer of the Staffordshire Police has created a purse alarm that activates like a personal attack alarm, setting off a loud scream if a pin is released when the wallet is snatched out of its handbag.


Over recent months there has been an increase in purse thefts at shopping centres, with victims generally aged 60 to 90 years. Interestingly enough, it’s not the cash and credit cards these victims are concerned about, its the sentimental, irreplaceable items such as last photos of deceased loved ones.


The alarm itself is fitted inside the purse and is adhered to the inside of the lining with the pin triggered towards the opening of the purse. This allows for the alram to be activated without the handbag being snatched as well.


Even though the wallet is secured with an alarm , it is still easily accessible because it is attached to the handbag’s strap by a retractable key reel. Attaching to the metal rings on the strap gives the alarm best contact. The intention of the alarm is to be bold and bright and to act more as a deterrent of theft. However, if the wallet does get stolen, the alarm will scream at 120 decibels and will draw immediate attention to the would-be thief.


250 alarms will be on trial over the next few months, with all alarms being personally fitted by the Staffordshire Police Department and PCSOs. They hope to bring back a positive reassurance of safety to the public, especially within the older female community. If the trials are successful, they would like to find future financial support to manufacture thousands more alarms to be handed out to the public.