Zip It! – Crime prevention campaign – Client: BTP and DAC –


Zip It! was created by Ismaril Wells, a former MAID student at Central Saint Martins.


Zip It! uses the technique of target hardening and is essentially a miniature karabiner now applied in a new context. Zip It! is inexpensive to produce, and were given away by the British Transport Police to promote better locking of back packs and handbags. Nothing is foolproof, but Zip It! will help slow down thieving fingers,The design was made from a single piece of stamped / die cut sheet material such as steel or plastic. You pop the ‘lock’ out of sheet and clip it on your bag during your journey. It  can be used again and again, but due to general wear and tear, it won’t last forever.


What makes Zip It! special is that it is combined with information and graphics to show the user how and why the product works.