CafeWatch was set up in January 2007. It is a partnership between the Met, Westminster Council, Costa Coffee , Caffe Nero , Pret A Manger , Starbucks , Coffee Republic and Eat . The CafeWatch scheme encourages greater staff training, awareness and a co-ordinated and targeted approach by all the organisations involved to offer crime prevention advice to customers and visitors to the borough.


Stores taking part are recognised by a ‘CafeWatch’ logo, displayed in their windows.


Superintendent Alaric Bonthron, said:

“Retailers are embracing the concept and to date we have already seen a significant improvement in crime prevention at these locations with staff who are confident in how to report these crimes, and know who their local officers are.”


A CafeWatch case study has recently been published on The Beacon Scheme website. The Beacon Scheme is a prestigious award scheme that recognises excellence in local government, set up to share best practice in service delivery across local government, representing issues which are important in the day-to-day lives of the public and reflect key government priorities.


Outcomes and Impact shown included:


•    Reduction of crime in participating premises by 50 per cent over a year.
•    A safer environment for customers and staff.
•    A reduction in labour turnover costs and increased stability.
•    A reduction in the risk of health and safety enforcement action.
•    A reduction in the likelihood of claims in the civil courts in the event of injury and of negative impact on business insurance costs.
•    The protection of brand reputation for businesses and a reduction in risk of adverse publicity.


For the full case study click here.