Acknowledgements and thanks are due to those colleagues who advised and worked on earlier CD Rom Versions of in the bag published in 2001. Also to the Home Office/Design Council and the Arts Humanities Research Council, who provided funding for the Turning The Tables research project, which has enabled me, with the help of a strong team of creatives, to update the material and create this website.


Thanks are due to Sara Bellini, Bruno Taylor and Matteo Menapace, Rita Maldonado, Patrick Best and Marcus Willcocks, who designed the website, and Georgina Hansford, Spike Spondike, Marcus Willcocks and Prof. Paul Ekblom who have helped me update crime and design information.


We hope this web-based resource will aid designers and help them begin to design out some (if not all) crimes of ‘dipping’ and bag theft.


Prof Lorraine Gamman
January 2012